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Search results for "" in our list of insured single-employer plans.

We're sorry, but your search term "" is not in PBGC's insured plan database.

There are several possible reasons your plan is not listed:

For instance, your plan may not be a private-sector defined benefit plan, which is the only kind of plan insured by PBGC. (See "We've Got You Covered" for more information.) Your plan may be an insured multiemployer plan, which is on a separate list.

Plans sponsored by small professional service employers, government plans and "church" sponsored pension plans are typically not covered by PBGC.

Or maybe your plan is not on the list because your employer has not paid premiums recently. If so, your pension is still insured. You do not lose your coverage just because your employer doesn't pay premiums.

Also, see our Insured Single-Employer Plans FAQs.